Bird control services from an expert
based in Barry, South Wales

Are you looking for a professional that offers bird control services? Look no further than Predator Pest Control Services. I offer my services to customers across Barry, Cardiff and throughout South Wales

Keep your premises free from birds

I know that birds often cause nuisance and inconvenience when they nest on your property. If you want to get rid of the birds that are nesting or roosting on your building or home, I can resolve the issue and also carry out extensive cleaning of any mess that they may have left behind. To discuss your requirements, contact me today.

I can help you with the removal of:

  • Feral pigeons
  • Corvids
  • Gulls
  • To keep your premises free from birds, call Predator Pest Control Services today. I can assure you that we make use of the techniques that are the most humane and legal. From bird netting to anti-roosting spikes, I use unique methods to make sure that your property is free and clean once again.

    Netting systems and anti-roosting spikes

    Netting systems
    I can set up a netting system to prevent birds from gaining access to any specified area of your property. I install different nets for different kinds of birds.

    Anti-roosting spikes
    For light to medium infestations, I recommend anti-roosting spike systems on windowsills and pipework. The heavy-duty plastic base can be snapped into any length.

    In addition to this, I offer crawling insect control, rodent control and mole control.

    To get rid of a bird infestation on your property, contact Predator Pest Control Services today on

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