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The fox

In urban areas, the fox is an attractive but nuisance pest. In rural areas, foxes can be a blight to farmers of chickens, ducks and geese. We can help you protect your livestock.

The mink

The feral cat

The rabbit

Mink now have a considerable presence in Britain, having escaped from captivity through the 20th century. The mink is a carnivore, feeding indiscriminately on farm animals, wildlife, even ducks.

Feral cats can cause unpleasant smells through their territorial urine marking and can spread disease to domestic pets through fighting. They also carry fleas, which can migrate to households.

The rabbit can also cause significant damage to property and grounds. Not especially harmful to humans, they nevertheless can cause problems for gardeners. Call 08000 436 016 to deal with these or other pests.


Legal and humane wild animal pest control

Protecting you from, and preserving, Britain's wildlife population.

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