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The mole

The damage


The mole is a small mammal that burrows in the earth. It has small eyes that are practically blind, and feeds on worms, grubs and invertebrates.

Moles cause damage to gardens, with molehills dotting the lawn and undermining it. They are a nightmare for sports clubs, decimating golf courses and bowling greens.

Escapees from private collections including:


• Parakeets - (Ring-necked & Monk)

• Porcupines

• Reptiles

• Many more



Keeping it legal

We'll carry out a full inspection of your suspected mole problem at a time that is convenient to you. This will enable us to determine the extent of their tunnels.

Depending on the size of the mole infestation, we will recommend the best type of treatment to deal with, whether that is a one-off method or a longer-term solution.

As with all of our pest control services, whether it be for wildlife, insects or rodents, our treatments are all carried out in a fully legal manner. Call 08000 436 016 for more.

Helping you to maintain your garden

Professional removal of the garden mole to keep your lawn looking great.

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