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We use a range of treatments to effectively deal with flying insects and other pests, including biological controls and electric fly killers. To find out more, call 08000 436 016.

Flies - disease carriers

Wasps - stinging pests

Bees - the workers

Flies are carriers of disease, vomiting on solid food so they can digest it, crushing it to a liquid and sucking it back up again, probably while they excrete their waste.


A wasp nest can be highly dangerous to people who are allergic to their stings. We will remove a nest quickly and effectively, to ensure your home or business can return to normal.

While they serve a useful purpose in the garden, a nest of honeybees can also be dangerous in a domestic situation. Where possible, we'll relocate a bee's nest to a nearby beekeeper.

How we'll help


Our treatments

We will identify the source of the infestation, locate where the insects are breeding, and recommend or implement an effective treatment programme.

For humane and effective treatments

The removal and eradication of bees nests, wasps nests, flies and moths.

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Moths are voracious eaters of natural fibres, and the larvae can destroy a valuable wardrobe in weeks. Predator can implement a targeted solution for this problem.