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Our treatments, whilst being deadly to pests, are entirely safe to be used around you and your family. Whether you have rodents or wasps nests, we'll get rid of them safely.

Every crawling insect infestation is unique, so we'll identify and determine which type of treatment will result in their complete eradication. Call 08000 436 016.



Bed bugs

Britain has two types of cockroaches. They are crawling insects that carry harmful organisms, which can cause food poisoning. They inhabit dark areas, such as cellars and basements.

Fleas are difficult to eradicate if you have pets and fabric furnishings. Predator can implement a targeted plan to rid your home of fleas quickly.

These nasty little creatures are insects that feed upon warm-blooded animals, so they're sucking your blood while you sleep, leaving you sore and itching when you wake.

Effective treatments

A tailored approach

Safe for you

These creatures need eradicating completely. Our treatments include the use of insecticides, baits and traps, gels, freeze sprays, and fumigation.

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Safe and reliable eradication methods

We'll rid your home or workplace of all harmful crawling insects, including woodlice.

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