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For light to medium infestations, we recommend anti-roosting spike systems on windowsills and pipework. The heavy-duty plastic base can be snapped into any length.

We can set up a netting system to prevent birds gaining access to any specified area, with different nets for different birds. A recommended solution for heavily infested areas.

Feral pigeons



On a list of urban pests, the feral pigeon ranks highly among the most common. Pigeon droppings foul buildings and the landscape, spreading disease, such as ornithosis, to humans.

Starlings flock and roost in large groups, making noise, giving off an unpleasant smell, and defecating profusely. This can lead to fungus that is especially dangerous to humans.

Crows, jackdaws, magpies, and rooks, often nest in chimney pots and this can cause smoke blockages and could even lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. We will remove these effectively and safely.


Netting systems

Anti-roosting spikes

Gulls can become territorial, making loud noises, dive-bombing visitors, and excreting over everything, causing significant inconvenience.

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We can perform clearance of bird fouling

Professional removal of bird droppings and decaying carcasses. Call 08000 436 016.

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